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The Collections       

Initially conceptualized as a photo book, Stockburger started working on three independent yet interrelated collections, each standing alone and simultaneously referencing another.
By physically dissecting and recontextualizing the images Stockburger creates a superordinate narrative. Rather than asking whether the use of the atomic bomb was necessary or justified the work poses the question of whether the system that created the bomb made its use inevitable and how this underlying dynamic has shaped the very structure of our modern world.

The Gadget (top row)
is a collection of photographs documenting the scientific work in the course of the atomic bomb’s development.

Trinity (middle row)
is a collection of photographs exploring the relationship between the individual and technology.

Prometheus (bottom row)
is a collection of photographs visualizing the biography of Robert J. Oppenheimer, the “father” and penitent of the bomb.

Hyperlinking History

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Max Ernst Stockburger 2020 — Berlin/Tokyo